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Flash CS4 lets you show grids on top of your artwork

A frequently requested item for Flash is the ability to see a grid over your artwork on the Stage. Flash CS4 now lets you do just that using a new option in the Edit Grid dialog. Let’s look at the

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Flash CS4 example: Spray Brush, Tween instance, new motion, AS3, fancy JSFL… Profit!

In the previous blog entry, I linked to a new JSFL that automatically gives instance names to selected instances in a smart way. You can go read about and download the JSFL from this page. This entry shows you how

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Download this Flash command – Automatically name selected instances… sequentially

So you have a bunch of instances on the Stage. Say you sprayed them using the new Spray Brush tool in Flash CS4, or maybe you just have a bunch of buttons in a menu that you need instance names

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(Flash CS3) Masking using ‘donut’ shapes within movie clips or with AS3 – it’s possible, and not too bad either

You may have tried creating a shape that has a hole in it for a mask in Flash, and it may not have worked. Or maybe it did work and sometimes it didn’t, and you grew some extra gray hairs

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Set Transformation Point and Reset Transformation Point in Flash CS3

When you right-click a symbol instance on the Stage in Flash, there are a couple new options that were added in CS3: “Set Transformation Point” and “Reset Transformation Point”. There’s not much out there about these features, as I understand

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