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Great extensions that work with new motion tweens in Flash CS4

Justin Putney at Ajar Productions has created some amazing extensions that you can use with Flash CS4 and the new motion model to help with your tweens or create them. Justin’s extensions are not only useful, but well implemented and

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Flash CS4 example: Spray Brush, Tween instance, new motion, AS3, fancy JSFL… Profit!

In the previous blog entry, I linked to a new JSFL that automatically gives instance names to selected instances in a smart way. You can go read about and download the JSFL from this page. This entry shows you how

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Download this Flash command – Automatically name selected instances… sequentially

So you have a bunch of instances on the Stage. Say you sprayed them using the new Spray Brush tool in Flash CS4, or maybe you just have a bunch of buttons in a menu that you need instance names

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Adobe AIR 1.5 is live, you should really go get it now

That’s right, folks, you can actually go ahead and download a new version of AIR. Why? You can read about some of the new stuff here: The ever-awesome Developer Center has a bunch of new articles, in addition to

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