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Liveblogging MAX Sneak Peeks and Awards – Refresh, yo

Another Liveblogging endeavor at MAX 2008. Here are the notes from the Day 1 General Session keynote. Here ensues notes from the sneak peeks and awards. If it’s Tuesday night between 6 and 7pm or so, PST, click refresh. Otherwise,

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Motion source FLA files for MAX presentation (Flash CS4 from Flash QE team)

This morning I presented about how you can use some of the preset eases in Flash to create animation really quickly. This post provides a real quick overview about how I built the files, and has the source FLAs for

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Liveblogging MAX 2008 Day 1 General Session Keynote – Click Refresh!

So get ready for yet another liveblog, this year from Flashthusiast (as I can’t stick with the same blog it seems). I hope my battery lasts the morning. The excitement is in the air. It’s palpable. We’re listening to Panic

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Adobe MAX and motion tweens: a perfect combination, better than PB&J even

If you want to learn about new motion tweens in Flash, and you’re going to be at Adobe MAX, you’re in luck. I’ll be giving a short presentation as part of the QE team session, and we’ll be at the

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