Learn about what’s new in the recent Dreamweaver CC Update


A great video from the Dreamweaver CC team on what’s new in the recent update on Adobe Creative Cloud.

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New video tutorials on Adobe Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, and Flash!


This month Adobe released 39 new video tutorials on many new topics on Dreamweaver CC, Flash CC, and Edge Animate CC. The videos are available on Adobe TV, and many are also available in the Creative Cloud Learn section (requires login). All of these videos are part of larger sets on each product on Adobe TV. Let us know what you think!

New Dreamweaver CC Learning Content

New videos on the workspace, coding tools, CSS and more!

And three new tutorials for CS6:

New Edge Animate CC Learning Content

New videos on symbols, responsive projects, integration and more!

New Flash CC Learning Content

New videos on importing, CreateJS, Creative Cloud Sync and more!

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Welcome to deseloper


Welcome to the new deseloper.com. It has been sitting here a good while, dormant. Now it will have a blog, and “stuff”. I also plan to migrate the flashthusiast.com posts here, perhaps.

Deseloper is a term I used, somewhat inadvertently, in a bio a very long time ago referring to someone who designs and develops to a certain extent as a part of their daily work (as this user was, at the time, not focused on – you were either one or the other). So I registered the domain once people started to use it and such. I just never did anything with this domain, other than use it as an email address for a very long time.

My hope is to blog about useful information about tech stuff. I presently focus on Adobe web technologies (Edge, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc).

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Tips for code hints in Flash CS5

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 12.10.55 PM

There are a number of forum posts about code hinting not showing up as expected in Flash CS5 documents. There are a number of possibilities about why code hints do not show up, but the following post will collect some troubleshooting tips that may help you out.
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Buttons in Flash using ActionScript 3.0: Going to next frame and previous frame

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 12.09.19 PM

Some people have been asking how to create button code in Flash (CS3, CS4, or CS5) that progresses the playhead in a SWF to the next or previous frame using ActionScript 3.0. This is not too difficult, and is a super simple code modification from any other button in AS3 (and is actually a touch easier than AS2 due to scoping issues).

This post includes an example of how to create two buttons that click between a few different frames. I’ll also include a (CS4) FLA file for you to look at and the AS2 equivalent.

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Flash CS4 and CS5: Motion tweens and looping animation

I’ve seen a couple questions in regards to looping new motion tweens – essentially having all of the properties copied from the beginning of the tween span to the end of the tween span. This is something I also ran into when testing, so requested a feature found in Flash CS4 and CS5 – Copy/Paste Properties.

There are actually a few ways of doing this, so I’ll outline it below:

a) Select the individual keyframe (Cmd/Ctrl+click) you want to copy, and then Alt+drag the property keyframe to copy it and move it to a new location. You can pass over existing property keyframes.
b) Select the individual keyframe then right-click and choose Copy Properties. Select where you want to paste the properties and choose Paste Properties.
c) F6 – this will add a keyframe for all available properties in the same position as the previous one like classic tweening (may or may not be what you will need though, such as when you’ve already tweened the instance).

You can also use Paste Properties Special, which will paste only a subset of property keyframes onto the frame. For instance, if you only need to paste the transformation keyframes but not the spatial properties, then this will be handy.

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New templates in Flash CS5

Flash CS5 ships with a bunch of templates that haven’t been seen in Flash before. The “Advertising” templates are still in there as with previous versions, but you’ll also see new categories for Animation, Banners, Media Playback, Presentations, and Sample Files. These FLAs all contain content within them to help you either start out with a document, or learn how certain functionality works in Flash. Most of them also contain instructions to help you set the file up for use. Just swap out the graphics and/or add a bit of content and you’re ready to go.

To access templates, choose File > New and choose the Templates tab, or choose a category from the “Create from Template” category on the Start page.

The Animation category includes:

  • Movie Clip buttons (Animated Button Highlight / Text Glow)
  • Animated masks (motion and shape tweens)
  • Easing between keyframes (several techniques for new motion)
  • Random animation, such ase random ease and brownian/organic movement
  • Semi-scripted animation for rain and snow that use tween instance

The Banners category includes:

  • Banner with a custom cursor
  • Invisible buttons (simple) for banners in AS2 and AS3
  • Banner that loads video
  • Banner with an animated button (like those “punch the monkey” ads)

The Media Playback category includes:

  • Photo albums (advanced and simple)
  • Templates for title safe areas (HD, NTSC, PAL in standard and widescreen)


The Presentations category includes:

  • Advanced and simple presentations – just like slideshows, similar to the functionality of Screens in earlier versions of Flash.

Sample Files include:

  • AIR window
  • Alpha mask (mask transparency, or “soft edge” masks)
  • Custom mouse cursor
  • Date countdown
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Handwriting (look in the library for all letters, A-Z, written out)
  • IK stick man animation
  • Lip Sync (includes guide for all common mouth shapes, and a sample lip sync animation)
  • Menu sample (in AS3, includes 3 drop-down menus animated using tween instances)
  • Panning (simple animation that pans across the stage)
  • Perspective zoom (3d animation that zooms in towards the “camera”)
  • Preloader that loads an external file, has loading bar
  • Preloader that loads the current SWF, has an animation that loops
  • Toggle button – toggles between play/pause of a sound.

Please let us know any feedback, and please let us know of templates you’d like to see in future versions of Flash!

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Go download Flash CS5, it’s available now

It’s available for a trial – go download it and let us know what you think!


Flash Professional CS5. Create and deliver rich interactive content. Try now.

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XFL and live edit in Flash CS5

One of the great new features you’ll see in Flash CS5 is XFL, the new file format that is XML-based. This gives you so much more control over your documents, and saves you from encountering nastiness like corrupt files. And Live Editing lets you edit your images easily from Flash. Just go to Photoshop, edit your work, and you’ll see it updated when you return to Flash.

For the details and a great video on this new Flash CS5 feature, see Valerio Virgillito’s blog post here: http://blog.mencio.com/?p=28

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Flash CS5: screenshot tour

So the Flash CS5 announcement is a little buried perhaps under the weight of other related news, so here are some screenshots of CS5. For the Adobe announced features of Flash CS5, see this page here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/whatsnew/. The following post has screenshots from Flash CS5 to show you the new features in a bit more detail. The post will follow the categories and topics from the page linked previously, if they can be shown in the UI.

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