Welcome to deseloper

Welcome to the new deseloper.com. It has been sitting here a good while, dormant. Now it will have a blog, and “stuff”. I also plan to migrate the flashthusiast.com posts here, perhaps.

Deseloper is a term I used, somewhat inadvertently, in a bio a very long time ago referring to someone who designs and develops to a certain extent as a part of their daily work (as this user was, at the time, not focused on – you were either one or the other). So I registered the domain once people started to use it and such. I just never did anything with this domain, other than use it as an email address for a very long time.

My hope is to blog about useful information about tech stuff. I presently focus on Adobe web technologies (Edge, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc).

Jen deHaan is a consultant specializing in instructional design, web design, WordPress, technical project management, and writing. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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