New templates in Flash CS5

Flash CS5 ships with a bunch of templates that haven’t been seen in Flash before. The “Advertising” templates are still in there as with previous versions, but you’ll also see new categories for Animation, Banners, Media Playback, Presentations, and Sample Files. These FLAs all contain content within them to help you either start out with a document, or learn how certain functionality works in Flash. Most of them also contain instructions to help you set the file up for use. Just swap out the graphics and/or add a bit of content and you’re ready to go.

To access templates, choose File > New and choose the Templates tab, or choose a category from the “Create from Template” category on the Start page.

The Animation category includes:

  • Movie Clip buttons (Animated Button Highlight / Text Glow)
  • Animated masks (motion and shape tweens)
  • Easing between keyframes (several techniques for new motion)
  • Random animation, such ase random ease and brownian/organic movement
  • Semi-scripted animation for rain and snow that use tween instance

The Banners category includes:

  • Banner with a custom cursor
  • Invisible buttons (simple) for banners in AS2 and AS3
  • Banner that loads video
  • Banner with an animated button (like those “punch the monkey” ads)

The Media Playback category includes:

  • Photo albums (advanced and simple)
  • Templates for title safe areas (HD, NTSC, PAL in standard and widescreen)


The Presentations category includes:

  • Advanced and simple presentations – just like slideshows, similar to the functionality of Screens in earlier versions of Flash.

Sample Files include:

  • AIR window
  • Alpha mask (mask transparency, or “soft edge” masks)
  • Custom mouse cursor
  • Date countdown
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Handwriting (look in the library for all letters, A-Z, written out)
  • IK stick man animation
  • Lip Sync (includes guide for all common mouth shapes, and a sample lip sync animation)
  • Menu sample (in AS3, includes 3 drop-down menus animated using tween instances)
  • Panning (simple animation that pans across the stage)
  • Perspective zoom (3d animation that zooms in towards the “camera”)
  • Preloader that loads an external file, has loading bar
  • Preloader that loads the current SWF, has an animation that loops
  • Toggle button – toggles between play/pause of a sound.

Please let us know any feedback, and please let us know of templates you’d like to see in future versions of Flash!

Jen deHaan is a consultant specializing in instructional design, web design, WordPress, technical project management, and writing. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • NoeWhan

    Flash CS5 & AS3 has failed the community. It’s become a mess of code.
    It’s like they have gone backwards in development. It used to be easy, but no.
    Nothing works, errors galore. Waste of time. Hunk of shit.