Flash CS4 and CS5: Motion tweens and looping animation

I’ve seen a couple questions in regards to looping new motion tweens – essentially having all of the properties copied from the beginning of the tween span to the end of the tween span. This is something I also ran into when testing, so requested a feature found in Flash CS4 and CS5 – Copy/Paste Properties.

There are actually a few ways of doing this, so I’ll outline it below:

a) Select the individual keyframe (Cmd/Ctrl+click) you want to copy, and then Alt+drag the property keyframe to copy it and move it to a new location. You can pass over existing property keyframes.
b) Select the individual keyframe then right-click and choose Copy Properties. Select where you want to paste the properties and choose Paste Properties.
c) F6 – this will add a keyframe for all available properties in the same position as the previous one like classic tweening (may or may not be what you will need though, such as when you’ve already tweened the instance).

You can also use Paste Properties Special, which will paste only a subset of property keyframes onto the frame. For instance, if you only need to paste the transformation keyframes but not the spatial properties, then this will be handy.

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  • glucide

    I’m exploring the promising possibilities of Motion tweens:
    is it possible to animate a movieClip instance (eg a dialog box with buttons, imput texts, etc..) with one Motion preset for showing (eg “enter from left with nice blur effect”), and another motion preset for hiding (eg “exit to right with evenly nice blur effect”). Those 2 animations would be in the same timeline, and the playead would be requested to go on each of these animations using 2 labels, namely “show” (eg from frame 1 to 20) and “hide” (from frame 30 to 50).

    But the obstacle seems to be that one instance can have only one tween. Is it true?
    How to animate one instance with different motion tweens?