Hold down Shift to play sound in individual frames in the timeline

Pretty much as the subject says! Hold down the Shift key when selecting frames with sound will play that frame’s sound. We’ve had this request from users to be able to play a snippet of sound when you click a frame. It seems that was written into Flash with the Shift key modifier.

There are some limitations with reselecting the same frame, and because Shift selects contiguous frames you need to go in the same direction along the Timeline or re-start your selection to play the individual frames. However, it does add some functionality that you might be able to add to your workflow.

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    This cross problem has been causing me more greif than I care to say, a guy who visited your website after consulting various other sites posted your address withe solution.
    I would like to thank you all….very much,
    Some of answers I got bordered on the the high end spectrum of madness, like “can’t be done”, “move this move that” and my favourite,
    Tis solution was ideal, perfect, and most importantly too me less than five minute over 5 layers to change. Thanks to people like yourselves, who share their knowledge with out fear or condemnation the web is safe again (lol)
    Once again my profound and sincere thanks
    I would like to include your site (with your concent) a link to your site on my page when its ready.
    Edward da Silva