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Lists of keyboard modifiers in the Flash CS4 motion model – lets you do more stuff

That’s right – do you want to do more “stuff” with your tweens? Often you have to know what keyboard modifiers to use, because functionality is not revealed in any other way. These modifiers are all documented, but I thought

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Want to layout your text better? You can download the beta Text Layout Framework / component (use with Flash CS4 now)

Today the Text Layout Framework went live for Flash Player 10. This will help you layout your text in new and much better ways in your applications. You may have seen some demos at MAX (like the Herald Tribune demo)

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Flash CS4: How to ease between keyframes using new motion tweens

In Flash CS3, you could set easing on each keyframe in your animation to apply easing between two instances. Because there is only one instance per tween span, you cannot ease the same way using the new motion model. In

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Flash CS4: Modifying and applying a custom ease in the Motion Editor

You can then edit the custom ease using the standard bezier editing controls found in other property graphs in the Motion Editor. To apply the custom ease to a property, you select the custom ease’s name from the Ease menu

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So is Flash CS4 perfect, or not?

If you think Flash CS4 is perfect, doesn’t need to change, or don’t care about Flash at all then you can quit reading this and go back to Flash and tween something. If you don’t think it’s perfect then keep

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Liveblogging MAX Sneak Peeks and Awards – Refresh, yo

Another Liveblogging endeavor at MAX 2008. Here are the notes from the Day 1 General Session keynote. Here ensues notes from the sneak peeks and awards. If it’s Tuesday night between 6 and 7pm or so, PST, click refresh. Otherwise,

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Motion source FLA files for MAX presentation (Flash CS4 from Flash QE team)

This morning I presented about how you can use some of the preset eases in Flash to create animation really quickly. This post provides a real quick overview about how I built the files, and has the source FLAs for

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Liveblogging MAX 2008 Day 1 General Session Keynote – Click Refresh!

So get ready for yet another liveblog, this year from Flashthusiast (as I can’t stick with the same blog it seems). I hope my battery lasts the morning. The excitement is in the air. It’s palpable. We’re listening to Panic

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Adobe AIR 1.5 is live, you should really go get it now

That’s right, folks, you can actually go ahead and download a new version of AIR. Why? You can read about some of the new stuff here: The ever-awesome Developer Center has a bunch of new articles, in addition to

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Flash CS4 Trial appears to be live for real now

Hey there flashthusiasts – want to get your Flash trial on? Head over to the trial link (log in if need be): And you can choose your download. Go tween something, and let us know what your thoughts are.

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