Adobe TV is live

Adobe DV guru Bob Donlon started and launched a great new site for watching video tutorials and presentations on called Adobe TV. Adobe TV is a site that is working to combine all of the various video resources that Adobe releases, so they’re housed in one central location. Please note that not all of the video tutorials available from Adobe are in there yet, but eventually they should all be there – so it’s like a one stop shop for learning about the products in video format. I find this pretty darn exciting, because last release I worked very hard on the Adobe Video Workshop and the Design Center for quite awhile (and of course have contributed many articles to the Developer Center) – and always knew that those resources among others are hard to find. So any steps to centralize resources and make them more discoverable is a pretty good thing as far as I’m concerned (although it doesn’t look like the Video Workshop videos are in there quite yet – I understand they will be though).

So go check it out! If you click through the “Designer” section, there are some videos on Flash. The site is also an interesting use of the technology itself.

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  • Hélène is the only tv I watch. This really rocks. Interface needs a little tweaking, though: once you’ve got results up from a search and select a video you can’t go back to those search results; you have to redo the search. But still, there’s some great stuff on there so it’s definitely worth a little fiddling.

    For Flash tutorials, my current fave is John Schumann’s “Flash in a Flash”. He seems really thorough and has a systematic approach that’s easy for us beginners to follow.

    Of course, your tutorials are tops, too! :D
    Wish I could send you some Timmy’s via the internet… cheers from the Great White North!

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