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So this AIR thing was released but I use Flash CS3… what now?

So even though I knew there was something released for Flash CS3 today, it might not be too obvious when it comes to actually finding out about it and installing it and such. Without further ado, what you should do:

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Making a button work in Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 with ActionScript 3.0 – it’s not too bad

So I used to monitor comments coming in from the CS3 Video Workshop, which contains a few hundred video tutorials on the CS3 products. Some of the comments that came in regarding the Flash videos was how people were having

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Welcome to Flashthusiast!

So the world needs another Flash blog, that’s what I said. Hi. Welcome to yet another blog on Flash. But hey, have you noticed a lot of blogs have gone from talking about Flash to talking about Flex? or Air?

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